Work Study Job Board

Athletic Event Worker


Hours: Hours vary

I am looking for workers to fill positions at athletic events such as ticket takers, scoreboard operators, concession workers, ball retrievers (for soccer and volleyball), etc. Working an event includes set-up and take-down of the event. If you need work-study hours, please come see me in the Connor Convocation Center. My office is located to the right of the lobby (coming in) and in the back right corner.  We will have games/matches in between semesters as well over the winter if interested.

Athletic Communications Student Assistant

Athletic Communications

Hours: Hours Vary

* Helps director of athletic communication prepare post game recaps and feature stores. * Helps update the TMU athletic website. * Compile game statistics for selected athletic events. * Handle public address and webcast broadcast for selected events.

Retention Office Assistant


: 8 per week

Position(s) in the Retention Office for an average of 8-10 hours a week. Training 5-10 hours a week in Spring 20, summer hours available, 8-10 hours 2020-21. The position will assist in data management, execute call campaigns, participate in communication efforts, and curate contact lists. Able to work independently and demonstrate initiative. May also do research for new initiatives. Must positively represent Thomas More to current students. Complies with ethics and confidentiality requirements of the University.

Peer Tutor

Institute for Academic Excellence (IAE)

: 10 per week
Varied, flexible

As a Peer Tutor, you will assist TMU students in developing proper study skills and work through course material.  Ultimately, your goal is to guide each student you work with toward being able to work independently.

Peer tutors will attend trainings offered by the Assistant Director of the IAE, as well as complete online peer tutor training through Canvas.

Peer tutors may be asked to represent the IAE at University functions such as Orientation, Welcome Week, Success Fair, etc.

Bookstore Work Study

More Store

Hours: 10-20 hours per week (May vary during busy seasons)

The More Store work study's day to day job includes the distribution and collection of textbooks, daily sales, stocking, setting up and tearing down mobile stores as well as the store displays.

Work Study Environmental Educator

Biological Sciences

This is an off campus position : 10 per week

The Biology Field Station is seeking students to assist with our K-12 STEM outreach programs.   This work entails providing tours for school groups and other visitors to the Field Station, and also teaching hands-on lessons related to the Ohio River and our research.

Compliance Work Study

Institutional Research

: 5 per week
Flexible hours

This position will research higher education policy and compliance issues to develop university policies, compliance audits, and improvement plans.  

Institutional Research Work Study

Institutional Research

: 5 per week
Flexible hours

This position will complete tasks related to institutional research, primarily data entry.  Although not required, students with interest and skill may develop surveys, complete statistical analysis, and develop reports and analysis for decision making.  

Student Ambassador


: 6 per week
Must be available to work a minimum of six hours to maximum ten hours a week.

  • Serve as a positive representative of Thomas More while fostering a welcoming environment among its newest community members.
  • Facilitate and commentate tour groups of students and parents.
  • Assist parents and students with questions and concerns.
  • Explain academic and co-curricular opportunities and procedures.
  • Acquaint new students with campus services and building locations.
  • Ability to communicate and time manage effectively with the Admissions staff.