ZCEI Fellow

Hours: 5-10 hours plus off campus networking and events

Zembrodt Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fellows 

The Zembrodt Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation aims to enhance diversity within the business profession by providing opportunities for exceptional early-career entrepreneurs, business students, and all students across campus. The ZCEI Fellows Program is an opportunity for Thomas More University students to help shape the university and elevate the entrepreneurship experience of all TMU students, the campus community, and the off-campus entrepreneurship community. Participants must vary in experience and class standing and be committed to working with their colleagues. A growth mindset and curiosity are characteristics we value at the ZCEI Fellows.  

The Zembrodt Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fellows Program is a mentorship program designed to provide the following experiences to participants: 

  1. Start-up opportunities (start or grow a business) 
  2. Networking and industry connections 
  3. Support and career development 
  4. Leadership development 
  5. Community involvement 

2024-25 Program Design  

The tentative schedule of the program is as follows: Expectation is to devote 5-10 hours a week during the week and meet in person for our weekly meetings. The weekly meetings will happen Monday through Friday between 8:15 and 4:30pm (with some after-hours activities). 

  • Participate and lead the More Co. (part of your hours of expectation, not additional)
  • Participate in co-curricular programming of the ZCEI 
  • Provide thoughtful feedback on the ZCEI student-related initiatives, co-curricular programming, and services 
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the ZCEI within the university based on current perspectives of the student body  
  • Increase brand awareness with other students and represent the ZCEI student body; this includes creating/updating a LinkedIn account. 
  • Assist the Director with the execution of programming; examples include pitch competitions, speaker series, panel discussions, site visits etc.


  • Participants will have an end-of-semester evaluation to determine their standing in the program. 
  • Participants must meet or exceed the program expectations to remain in the Fellows program.  
  • For students graduating in December, their program ends in December, and they can then join the Fellows Alumni Group.  


  • To apply to the ZCEI Fellows program, submit a resume and a one-page cover letter detailing how you expect to benefit from the program and what value you see yourself bringing to the group.  In the cover letter, be sure to answer the following questions: What is your passion, what do you want to do with your degree, and what are you interested in outside of Thomas More outside of class studies? 
  • Deadline: 5pm on February 29, 2024
  • Applications will be reviewed, and interviews will begin on March 18, 2024, conducted by the Director and current ZCEI Fellow cohort.

Submit your application to albahranij@thomasmore.edu with “ZCEI Fellows Application” in the subject line.


To be eligible, an individual must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Enrolled as a student at Thomas More University 
  2. Active participation in the More Co. 
  3. Curious mindset and passion for creating impact 

To derive the full benefits of the Fellows program, participants are expected to attend and actively engage in the activities and events and leverage the networking opportunities to connect with other professionals in the field. The participants of the ZCEI Fellows program will be responsible for the operation and elevation of the program. Once the group is defined, we will work together to decide on the level of engagement and number of events that determine successful participation. 

Please Contact: Mrs. A
Location: Thomas More University Zembrodt Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Email: albahranij@thomasmore.edu Pay Rate: $10

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