Peer Tutor

Institute for Academic Excellence (IAE)

: 10 per week
Varied, flexible

As a Peer Tutor, you will assist TMU students in developing proper study skills and work through course material.  Ultimately, your goal is to guide each student you work with toward being able to work independently.

Peer tutors will attend trainings offered by the Assistant Director of the IAE, as well as complete online peer tutor training through Canvas.

Peer tutors may be asked to represent the IAE at University functions such as Orientation, Welcome Week, Success Fair, etc.


Confidentiality; cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher; minimum grade of “B” in courses you wish to tutor; 2 professor- recommendations (and they must be qualified to evaluate your competency in the course you have requested to tutor); if you’d like to tutor more than one course, at least one professor-rec must refer to each course you have requested.

Please Contact: Heather Abbott,
Location: IAE in library
Phone Number or Extension: 859-344-3507
Email: Pay Rate: $8

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