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Vidita Kanniks is a multi-faceted vocalist specializing in ensemble music, historical performance and interdisciplinary work. Equally at home with her background in Choral & Indian Classical music she aims to engage in unique musical endeavors that challenge cultural boundaries. Her unprecedented work in this area paired with her sensitive musicianship and affinity for language has led her to gain attention through social media content and live performances across the United States and internationally.

Recent professional credits include her recorded work featured by San Francisco Baroque ensemble, Voices of Music (2020), her residency with the VOCES8 US Scholars Program (2019-20), the Project Inclusion Vocal Fellowship with the Grant Park Music Festival in Chicago (2019), the Aspen Music Festival [Seraphic Fire Professional Choral Institute], and Songfest, Los Angeles (2017)

A native of Cincinnati, Vidita sings regularly with the Cincinnati Bach Ensemble, Collegium Cincinnati, The St. Peter and Chains Cathedral Choir and Coro Volante.

A spirited educator, Vidita has been a guest lecturer for several universities and organizations including the University of Cincinnati (CCM), McGill University, Reed College, The Ohio Music Teachers Association, Vallejo Choral Society, Purdue University among others, leading workshops on elements of Indian Classical Music and its global impact.

Vidita holds Bachelor’s degrees in Vocal Performance and Music History from the University of Cincinnati (CCM) and a Master’s degree in Early Music Performance from McGill University in Montreal. She now resides in Cincinnati where she is active as a performer and teaching artist.

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