Kirk Mayhew, MFA

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The ceramic sculpture of Kirk Mayhew is tactile, architectonic and challenges the viewer’s awareness of scale and perspective. The figurative elements and invented architectural forms are realistic but purposefully abstracted through the specific handling and surfacing of material. Hands, feet, and faces are enlarged becoming environs for miniaturized ruins. Found objects and performance work also make their way into his portfolio. Kirk is interested in materials specifically for their ability to manipulate but even more so by their potential for repurposing or recycling.

Kirk is the director and head designer of the new “Sculpting Spaces Project” on campus. He is currently leading a team of art and biology students in the transformation of the some of the outdoor spaces on campus.

Kirk is a vital part of greater Cincinnati ceramic community both as exhibitor and teacher. Large installation works with his group, Thin Air Studios can be found in Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and in various locations in the Greater Cincinnati area. His personal work can be found in private collections in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, New York City, Cincinnati, and Nancy, France.He is the facilities manager and head of the sculpture department at Funke Fired Arts Center in Cincinnati and he has taught in numerous situations both private and community. Recently Kirk has been named **Art Director with Cincinnati-based Marjorie Book Continuing Education.

Ceramics, sculpture, 3-D Design

B.A. in Art, Coe College 
M.F.A in Ceramic Sculpture at the University of Cincinnati, DAAP

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Creative Media: Art, Communication, Music, and Theatre Faculty Assistant Professor

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