Reverend Gerald E. Twaddell, D. Phil.

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B.A., St. Pius X Seminary, Erlanger, KY (1963) Dipl. E.F.M., University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France (1965) S.T.B., Catholic University of Paris, Paris, France (1967) M.A., University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH (1974) Lic. Phil., Catholic University of Paris, Paris, France (1974) M. Phil. & Habilitation, Catholic University of Paris, Paris, France (1974) D. Phil., Catholic University of Paris, Paris, France (1977)

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Rev. Gerald E. Twaddell, D.Phil., is a fulltime member of the Department of Philosophy and serves as Chaplain of the University. He is also the Wilbert L. and Ellen Hackman Zeigler Endowed Chair of Philosophy. The courses he teaches most frequently are those in applied ethics, theory of values, philosophy of religion, philosophy of education, philosophy of history, and philosophy of law. He also offers introductory courses in Latin.  Since 1991 he has served the Diocesan Marriage Tribunal as a Defender of the Bond of Matrimony.  In that connection in recent years he has published translations of Latin texts from the Tribunal of the Roman Rota for the American Canon Law Society. He has also translated from the French a book on Catholic thought in North America, as well as a number of papers by the same author, one of which appeared as the first chapter in a book published in February 2016.  In October of 2017 he was invested as a Knight in the papal Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem; he has recently been named Prior for the Kentucky Section of the Order.



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Philosophy, Political Science, & Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty Professor

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