8.1 - Hours of Operation Policy

: Human Resources
: President
: 09/20/2018
: 09/20/2018
: 09/20/2019
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8.1.1 - AUDIENCE

All University employees.


The purpose of this Policy is to define the normal hours of operation of the University and to provide policy guidelines regarding meal periods and rest breaks in compliance with the Fair Labor and Standards Act.


Exempt Employees: employees who are exempt from minimum wage and overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act as amended.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): a federal law governing minimum wage, overtime pay, child labor and record keeping requirements.

Non-Exempt Employees: employees who are covered by minimum wage, overtime, and time card provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act as amended.  These employees receive overtime pay for any hours worked over 40 per week.

8.1.4 - THE POLICY

Employees are paid for the work performed as regulated under applicable state and federal laws. Employees are expected to work their regular scheduled shift.

I. Non-Exempt Staff

Non-exempt staff employees are expected to report for duty each day at their scheduled start time.  The official office hours of the University are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with an unpaid hour for lunch.  Absent special work load requirements, non-exempt staff employees are expected to arrive to work no later than the starting time and begin working no later than the starting time.  Any non-exempt staff employee arriving later than the starting time is considered tardy.  Non-exempt staff employees are also expected to work until the closing time.  Non-exempt staff employees are not permitted to work varied hours or days without permission of management.  Moreover, to avoid incurring unexpected overtime expense and to minimize the University’s risks of unintentional violations of wage and hour laws, non-exempt employees are not permitted to perform duties off-campus (i.e., telecommute) unless required by and specifically approved in writing by the employee’s supervisor.  The immediate supervisor is advised to document the terms and conditions of this approval.  This includes all types of work-related communication, as well as the necessity to strictly adhere to this Time Reporting Policy and the Overtime Policy.  Additionally, non-exempt staff employees are not permitted to be in the office without management present.

Because of the long hours during which the University operates, and due to weekend events that require additional assistance, some offices may be required to remain open or to open in order to provide necessary services during periods when other offices are closed.  Therefore, non-exempt staff employees should be prepared to adjust their work schedules in a way that best meets the needs of the University.  This may include attendance at convocation, graduation, and orientation dates.  Campus Safety personnel, for example, rotate shifts and have fluctuating hours and work days which include Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

All regular part-time staff employees who work less than 20 hours per week shall record and report all hours worked to determine health benefits eligibility.  For part-time faculty, Human Resources will use a formula that applies a ratio of work hours to credit hours taught to determine whether a part-time faculty member is eligible for health benefits.  The ratio the University will use is 2.25 hours of credit for each credit hour taught.  This crediting method takes into account time for preparation, teaching, grading, and similar activities needed to teach a course.

A. Unpaid Breaks

1. Meal Periods

With the exception of the Campus Safety Department, all full-time hourly employees must take an unpaid hour for lunch.  Part-time non-exempt employees must take an unpaid 30-minute meal break when working 5 hours or more. Employees may not remain clocked in while eating lunch nor eat lunch at their desk.  The University recognizes a meal break as unpaid time for which an employee is relieved from work for a period of time.  Employees are not permitted to perform work-related functions during their meal breaks.

2. Breaks for Breastfeeding Mothers

Reasonable break periods of at least 20 minutes will be provided for a breastfeeding mother to express breast milk for her child up to 3 years after the child’s birth.  Designated locations, other than restrooms, shielded from public view and free from intrusion from coworkers and the public will be provided for the breaks.  Non-exempt staff employees will need to document and report the break as non-worked time.  Breastfeeding mothers requiring these breaks should make the request to the immediate supervisor and communicate the frequency and duration of the breaks.  Breaks may be taken up to once every three hours and are unpaid, unless paid break time is used.

B. Paid Breaks

1. Scheduled Rest Breaks

Generally, most work areas within the University allow for an appropriate amount of break time within the work day as needed. However, jobs that cannot be left unattended such as receptionists and switchboard operators, are permitted, at a minimum, one 10 minute paid break per 4 hours worked as part of the normal work day. Supervisors are expected to identify the standards for breaks in their area and communicate the same to both the relief person and employees working the position. Breaks are to be utilized consistently for all employees. Unapproved, extended breaks will be addressed by the Staff Attendance and Punctuality Policy.

Paid rest break guidelines are as follows:

1. Supervisors reserve the right to change rest break period time or deny rest break periods to ensure departmental needs are being met.

2. An employee is not permitted to accumulate unused rest breaks nor may the rest break be used to cover an employee's late arrival or early departure from work.

3. Employees on a rest break should remain in the work area or close proximity to be available if needed.

II. Exempt Employees

Exempt employees are paid on a salaried basis and are expected to give full professional attention to their work and to be normally available during business hours and other University events such as convocation, graduation, and orientation dates.  Exempt employees are also required to work any hours necessary to perform the duties of the job.  Exempt employees are not eligible for overtime or additional pay for hours worked or travel time outside their regular schedule.


Staff Attendance and Punctuality Policy


Non-exempt staff employees must accurately record all worked time using the University record keeping system.  The time record must accurately reflect any unpaid breaks (i.e. meal or breaks for breastfeeding mothers) taken during the workday.


8.1.8 - HISTORY


Supersedes Policy

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September 2018

This is a new policy, replacing language in the Staff Manual (May 2014).


8.1.9 - APPENDIX

There are no appendices to this Policy.

8.1.10 - APPROVALS

Laura Custer, Director of Human Resources

Dr. Kathleen Jagger, Acting President