7.1 - Federal and State Law Mandated Benefits Policy

: Human Resources
: President
: 09/20/2018
: 09/20/2018
: 09/20/2019
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7.1.1 - AUDIENCE

All University employees.


The purpose of this Policy is to define the University’s policy for administering federal and state mandated benefits to employees of the University.


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7.1.4 - THE POLICY

In compliance with Federal and State laws, it is the policy of Thomas More University to provide the following statutory benefits to all of its eligible employees:

Social Security: The federal government provides retirement, disability and survivors benefits based on earnings and health care insurance (Medicare) for people 65 years and over.  The University and the employee contribute equal amounts under the Federal Insurance Contribution Act (F.I.C.A.).  Information regarding a Social Security account may be secured from the Social Security Administration.

Unemployment Compensation Insurance: The University participates in the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Unemployment Compensation program.  Individuals who meet the criteria established by the state may be eligible for unemployment.  The University does not determine eligibility for benefits.  However, the University reserves the right to protest a claim for benefits if such action is deemed warranted.  The University pays unemployment insurance premiums for each employee based upon his/her salary at a rate designated by the state.  Employees pay nothing for this coverage.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Employees are covered by Worker's Compensation as soon as they start to work.  This covers employees in case they are accidentally injured on the job and cannot work.  The University pays for this protection, however, does not determine eligibility.

COBRA: All employees and their families covered by the University's group health and dental insurance plans have the right to temporary continuation of group health and dental coverage should the employee lose his or her benefit because of a reduction in hours or the termination of employment for reasons other than gross misconduct.  See the Director of Human Resources for further details.


Federal Insurance Contribution Act

Reporting on the Job Injuries and Emergencies Policy


Employees injured at work must notify their supervisor and Human Resources immediately.  If the injury causes an employee to miss work, the Director of Human Resources must be contacted regarding benefits.


Not Applicable.

7.1.8 - HISTORY


Supersedes Policy

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September 2018

This is a new policy, replacing language in the Staff Manual (May 2014).


7.1.9 - APPENDIX

There are no appendices to this Policy.

7.1.10 - APPROVALS

Laura Custer, Director of Human Resources

Dr. Kathleen Jagger, Acting President