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: 05/01/2017
: 05/01/2017
: 05/01/2019

Mass Email Policy

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This policy applies to all users of Thomas More College email systems.  The Thomas More College email systems are the property of the College and are to be used for the primary purpose of advancing the mission of the College.  Therefore, Thomas More College retains the ability to manage how such property is used.


Mass Email: an unsolicited email message sent to a significant portion of a community, either faculty, staff, or students. 

Distribution List: a shortcut to email multiple people by population type.  For example, full time faculty or all students.  Distribution lists are created by IT Services.


The purpose of the Mass Email Policy is to provide guidance for the appropriate use of mass email at Thomas More College and to define the approval process necessary to send such emails. The policy aims to reduce the amount of inbox clutter and allows us to communicate efficiently.  The policy applies to all mass email, including those sent through an IT-managed distribution list, an automated Cognos or Jenzabar email, or a user-created recipient list.  Access to email addresses and distribution list does not automatically grant permission to use it.  Messages that do not meet the criteria should be delivered via alternative methods (newsletters, announcements, calendar, etc.). 

Thomas More College, at its sole discretion, shall determine whether a message is unsolicited or sent to a significant portion of a community to satisfy the definition of mass email contained within this policy.

Individuals may not send mass emails without approval.  All mass emails must be submitted to the appropriate administrator for approval and distribution by them or their designee:


The distribution of mass email requires:

In general, mass email is appropriate for:

Inappropriate use of mass email includes, but is not limited to:




All Faculty and Staff will be notified of the policy immediately upon Cabinet approval.

IT Services Office use system controls to manage who can send the distribution lists below.  Additional individuals, other than those specified above, may be granted authorization to send messages to target groups (faculty, staff, and/or students) with the approval of their supervisor and the appropriate administrator listed below.  This will be managed using the Mass Email Authorization Form. 


Acceptable Usage Agreement and Employee Handbooks should reference this policy


This policy replaces the bulk email section of the TMC Email Policy, dated November 21, 2013.  The purpose of this revision is to clarify authority in the President’s Cabinet and implementation for IT Services.


Mass Email Authorization Form


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David A. Armstrong, President