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: 06/25/2018
: 06/25/2018
: 06/24/2019

University Committee Policy

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This policy applies to the entire Thomas More Community.


University Committees help provide direction for the University to achieve operational and strategic goals.  The Policy on University Committees prescribes how University Committees are established, maintained, and dissolved. 


University Committee – A University Committee addresses significant or strategic university-wide issues and is comprised of various constituencies who collaborate, share information, and refer recommendations to the President or designee as defined in the Committee charge

Standing University Committee – A Standing University Committee addresses an ongoing significant or strategic issue

Special or Ad hoc Committee – A Special or Ad hoc Committee is appointed as needed to deal with a specific and nonrecurring issue and is discharged with the completion of their report


Section 1: Establishment of University Committees

The President approves the creation of university committees.  Members of the President’s Cabinet provide the President with recommendations concerning the composition and charge for each committee.  The President oversees the committee or assigns a designee, typically a Vice President, the Provost, or other administrator.   The President or designee establishes the charge and the composition of the committee based on employee positions and preferences.

The Faculty is entitled to voting representation on all university committees whose activities fall within the areas of Faculty involvement as described in the Faculty Constitution.  Faculty appointments to university committees is governed by the Faculty Constitution.  Staff members are appointed at the approval of the area Vice President or Provost.  Student Government Association will recommend student representatives to be approved by the Dean of Students.

Section 2: Standing University Committees

Section 3: Maintenance of University Committees

The President or designee is responsible for maintenance of the university committee.  A general principle of member rotation should be maintained.  The President or designee may establish subcommittees at the recommendation of the Committee Chair.  At the end of each academic year, each committee submits minutes and an annual report to the President or designee.  The minutes and annual report must also be submitted to university archives according to university procedure.

Section 4: Dissolution of University Committees

Standing University Committees may be dissolved by the President at the recommendation of the Committee Chair or designee.  Special or Ad hoc Committees are dissolved upon completion of the charge and submission of a final report.  The President reserves the right to postpone, deny, or dissolve a university committee at any time with reasonable purpose and notice.


Faculty Constitution


The President or designee must submit a University Committee Charge form to finalize the establishment of the University Committee. 




This is a new policy.




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President David A. Armstrong, June 25, 2018