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: Financial Aid
: Chris Powers
: 11/19/2018
: 11/19/2018
: 11/19/2020

Scholarship Renewal Policy

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This policy serves all students of Thomas More University who are receiving Institutional Scholarships.


This policy governs the requirements of renewing institutional scholarships for student recipients and the procedures the Financial Aid Office will take to administer the policy.


Each student who receives an Academic Scholarship to attend Thomas More University must maintain a cumulative GPA consistent with the requirements for receiving the scholarship in order to renew the scholarship for the following academic year. The Academic Scholarships subject to this renewal policy, along with their corresponding cumulative GPA requirements, are as follows:

Scholarship Renewal GPA Requirement

James Graham Brown Honors Scholarship**

Presidential Scholarship 3.5
National Merit Finalist Scholarship 3.5
Dean’s Scholarship 3.0
Bishop Roger J. Foys Ministry and Service Scholarship 3.0
Thomas More Scholarship 2.5
Parochial Promise 2.5
Transfer Award 2.5

        **Additional requirements may apply. Students failing to meet the GPA requirement will be contacted by the Director of the Honors Program.

Scholarship renewal GPA requirements are monitored at the conclusion of each semester. At the conclusion of the fall semester, any student who is not meeting the renewal GPA requirement will be sent a warning letter. At the conclusion of the spring semester, any student who is not meeting the renewal GPA requirement will have their academic scholarship reduced by a total of $1,000 for the following academic year ($500 per semester). Students who transfer to Thomas More for the spring semester and do not meet the renewal GPA requirement will not have their scholarship reduced after their first semester.


If a student’s academic scholarship has been reduced twice as a result of not meeting the renewal GPA requirements, the student may submit an appeal letter to the Director of Financial Aid if the student believes there are extenuating circumstances that have inhibited the student from meeting the renewal GPA requirement.


When a student’s academic scholarship has been reduced as a result of not meeting the renewal GPA requirement, the full amount of the scholarship can be reinstated if the student achieves the required cumulative GPA. Although scholarship reductions only occur following the spring semester, reinstatements can occur following any semester, including summer, that the student’s cumulative GPA satisfies the renewal requirement. The reinstated amount will be the same as the original amount of the scholarship that the student was offered at the time of enrollment. Reinstatement is not retroactive. Scholarship amounts will only be reinstated for future semesters, not for a semester that has just concluded.

Positive Progress Standard

If a student’s cumulative GPA following the spring semester is within 0.25 points of his or her renewal requirement and his or her spring semester term GPA met or exceeded the required cumulative GPA for renewal, the scholarship will not be reduced for the following academic year.


This policy will be implemented beginning with the review of grades following the fall 2018 semester. The first warning letters pursuant to the policy will be sent in December, 2018. The first Scholarship reductions will occur after the review of grades following the spring 2019 semester.


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Date Supersedes Policy Summarize Change
11/19/2018 Scholarship Renewal Policy, 12/8/2014 Complete re-write



Mark Messingschlager, Director of Financial Aid, 12/17/2018

Dr. Chris Powers, Vice President of Enrollment Management, 12/17/2018